Delina Bureau De Change

DELINA Bureau De Change is one of the top and Bureau de Change in Dar es salaam City, with very attractive rates for the exchange of your money’s worth. The Bureau is located a famous Ubungo Plaza, Ground floor, near one of the biggest and most busiest bus terminals in the East & Central Africa serving the region.

At DELINA Bureau De Change obtaining local and foreign currency has been made as painless as possible. DELINA Bureau De Change guarantees that you will pay no more in commission charges than you would in any Bureau De Change or Bank, and often the overall deal is better.

We also guarantee a good deal for those who are unsure how much foreign cash they will need. DELINA Bureau De Change registered by the Central Bank of Tanzania (Bank of Tanzania – BoT) and entrusted with the task of changing money over the counter under the Foreign Exchange Act, 1992 and Foreign Exchange (Bureaux de Change) Regulations, 1999.

DELINA Bureau De Change is in operations for five years now and is dealing in buying and selling of more than 12 currencies at present. We believe in good, old-fashioned qualities, including customer service, personal contact and real value for money.

We’re big enough to be able to buy and sell currency at competitive rates, but small enough so that we have never lost that all-important personal touch and, with many years experience behind us, we are able to guide our customers around all the potential downsides that can be associated with the unwary in the foreign exchange market. As a token of its commitment as a top quality currency exchange service, DELINA Bureau De Change guarantees to provide the best customer service.

  • United States $
  • European Union Euro €
  • United Kingdom Pound £
  • Japanese ¥
  • Australian $
  • South African Rand SA R
  • Kenyan Shillings KSH
  • Ugandan Shillings USHG
  • Swedish Kroner kr
  • Danish Kroner kr
  • Saudi Arabian Riyal
  • Kuwait Dinar
  • United Arabs Emirates Dirham DHS