General Cargo

Product Specifications

TOTAL LENGTH : 12800 mm
TOTAL WIDTH : 2600 mm
CHASSIS : The Trailer has to lay on a special steel profile which connects the saddles. On the special profile proper reinforcements have to be located for connection points of the running gears Material is ST52 steel plate according to the dimensions of International Standards
CARGO DECK : The flat bed has to be covered with chequered plate (3+1=4mm thickness), reinforced with crossbeam’s chassis by U profiles.
FRONT WALL, SIDE COVERS AND RIVER COVER : Fixed type height of front wall be bolt and it has to be from 2,5 mm thickness channeled steel plate, Side Covers made from 5 PCS. Open able type with one piece 1000 mm height and bolted. 300mm additional steel. Rear Covers with open able operation.
ROOF GRILL TYPE : Portable steel profile assembled of the top of the side doors. With an option to be disassembled during loading of Containers
CANVAS : Manuel type of canvas pleased on the top of the front wall.
KING PIN : 3½” king – pin detachable from below made by SAE standards 8 bolt type
AXLES : 3 x 12000 kg carrying capacity SERİN brand
BRAKE AND SUSPENSION SYSTEM : AIR Suspension, Drum Brake System, Wabco ABS Brake System
LANDING GEARS : Double Speed, 24000 kg carrying capacity, SERİN brand two speed mechanical Landing Gears
REAR BUMPER : Suitable 70/221 / AT-version of the rear bumper
WHEEL CHOCK : Carriers with 1 unit wheel chock
TIRES & WHEELS : 12 +1 PCS 315 80R 22,5 Goodyear-Pirelli-Bridgestone
MUDGUARD : 2 pcs galvanized steel mudguards with plastic edges
SPARE TIRE CARRIER : Double tire piece tire carrier
BOX : 1 unit Plastic Tool Box, 1 unit fire distinguisher plastic carrier’s box
PAINT : Material cleaned and grit (metal) material is blasting, 2 Floor Epoxy primers are made and the desired color, In the final layer is painted with 2 coats acrylic paint
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND LIGHTING : There are amber-colored lights in the side by 3 units, Park at the rear lamps, License plate lamp, Reflector triangles, Electrical system; Flame proof electrical system, 2 X 7-pin electrical socket
ACCESSORIES : Hub key, Axles Bolt Nut key, Tool box keys
SHIPPING TYPE : 3 units will be one set
OPTIONALS : Axles: BPW or SAF brand. Landing Gears: SAF or JOST Brand