Fuel Tankers

Product Specifications

CAPACITIES : 32.000 LT – 36.000 LT – 40.000 LT – 42.000 LT – 45.000 LT – 50.000 LT – 54.000 LT
FIFTH WHEEL HEIGHT : 1300 -1400 mm. Suitable for 6×4 trucks
BODY : Cylindrical
KING PIN : 2″king- pin detachable from below made by, SAE standards 8 bolt type.
AXLES : 3 x 12000 kg carrying capacity SERÄ°N brand
BRAKE AND SUSPENSION SYSTEM : Air Suspension ABS or EBS brake system
LANDING GEARS : Double Speed, 24000 kg carrying capacity, JOST brand mechanical Landing Gears.
REAR BUMPER : Suitable to 70/221/AT standard of the rear bumper
WHEEL CHOCK : Carriers with 1 unit wheel chock
TIRES & WHEELS : 6+1 PCS 385/65 R 22,5
LOADING, UNLOADING SYSTEM : Suitable for loading from top (or bottom – optional), On the right side of tanks to be 4 “API capling Emco Wheaton Or Niehuser with the cap, it will be discharge through manufault valve with diameter of 4” (in locked Box). 500 mm manhole covers to be suitable for loading from top. SEALING SYSTEM
OVERFILL POOL : It is design for prevention of spilling fuel all over the tank body and overfill fuel is disposed by two drain hoses mounted on the rear side of the tanker body.
WALKING PLATFORM (CATWALK) : In order to prevent the slip of fuel tank operator, anti-slip aluminum profile longitudinal is mounted on the right side of the top pool surface
MUDGUARD : 2 PCS galvanized steel mudguards with plastic edges.
SPARE TIRE CARRIER : Single or double spare tire carrier
WATER TANK : 60 liter Stainless steel water tank
PAINT : The metal surfaces of the vehicle after the welding process is cleaned with sand shot blasting process with grit metal. In order to protect the surfaces from rusting on the top of the surfaces with 2 coats of epoxy primer and acrylic finished paint will be RAL (9003) or will on customer demand. The total thickness of the paint work is 160 micron.
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND LIGHTING : 3 units side (gabber amber) lights and the rear side (park, brake and stop amber lights) Refiector triangles, Electrical system; Flame proof electrical system, 2 X 7-pin electrical socket . Stop lights with protective grill
ACCESSORIES : Hub key, Axles Bolt Nut key, Tool box keys, 2 PCS 6 kg of fire extinguisher tube with holder.