Tiger Half Pipe Tipper

Product Specifications

OVERALL WIDTH : 2.550 mm
VOLUME : 24 m³
AXLES : Drum or disc type axle with 3*12000 kg carrying capacity (SERIN, BPW or SAF Brand)
CHASSIS : High strength I profile steel SERIN brand chassis fabricated with automatic welding techniques and that complies with 98/91 EEC Standards
BRAKE SYSTEM : Equipped with braking system that has automatic load adjusting valve (cornering safety system) and thatcomplies with 71/ 320 EEC and 2002/78 EC Standards.
LIFTING AXLE : Provision of a lifting front axle that prevents tire wear and simplifies turning maneuverability
LANDING GEARS : Double Speed SERİN, QRC, JOST or SAF Brand (or equivalent) mechanical landing gear with 24 Ton carrying capacity
KING PIN : 2” Flanged type JOST brand King Pins that comply with 94/20 EEC norms.
REAR BUMPER : 70/221 / EC moving according to standard movable rear bumper
AIR SUSPANSIONS : Provided with height adjusting system and Shock absorbers to limit movements of the parabolic Z springs and axles
ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND LIGHTING : On each side 3 pcs of amber colored lights, park lamps at rear, number plate lamp, triangle reflectors (Electrical Ssytem, completely E approved) 2 X 7 pin electrical socket, Protective grill at rear lights.
TOOL BOX : Plastic tool cabinet with 70x60x50 cm dimensions
WATER TANK : 30 Liter Plastic Water Tank
TIRES AND WHEELS : 6+1 385 / 65/ R 22.5 tubeless tires with 22.5 /11.75 steel wheels
SUPERSTRUCTURE : Base, 4.5 mm and on the back cover (Hardox), while the side wall 4 mm steel with high wear resistance.
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM : 5 Stage Box cylinder and hydraulic system raises and lowers speed and the tipper itself a device that prevents removal.
MANOMETER : Air pressure gauge indicator showing the the pressure in airbags of the axle group
MUDGUARDS : Integrated with the mudflup according to Regulations, 1 pieces of complete mudguards
* iLvl – Electronic suspension control system
* Smart board
* With the control panel located in the axle load per axle quantity control
* Air Bag Pressure Control
* Daily service and total km record
* As a result of the circumstances in which use of the vehicle, how and when faced with a situation that the record
* ECAS Brake System
* Electrical Pump