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Delina Group is your number one company that transports fuel and other products throughout East and Central Africa. We provide a range of service to meet your utmost demands. From Transport Services, Gas Station, Hotels and Apartments services, to Bureau De Change. From its base in Dar es Salam Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya, Johannesburg, South Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe, Kigali, Rwanda, Bujumbura, Burundi , Lusaka, Zambia, Kampala, Uganda and Lubumbashi, DRC Delina serves its clients with a passion born out of experience and a mutually beneficial relationship at very competitive prices in the market. It is one of the largest oil transportation firm that fleet of over 200 Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers of Various Types to Suit your requirements and needs. Our state-of-the art offices are well equipped with a full range of ICT equipment and well trained staffs to cater for today's business demands.

Our Core Values

  • Team Work

    Listening to and respecting each other whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial results. When we are unsure we check with others as to what they meant. Everyone has strengths which we value and will use whenever possible. Tall team meetings will include a progress report from everyone and requests for help when needed.

  • Support

    Providing support to one another, working co-operatively, respecting one another’s views, and making our work environment fun and enjoyable. We help others to achieve their deadlines without having to be asked. All projects have identified points which are celebrated by the whole team. We work with one another with enthusiasm and appreciation.

  • Honesty

    Being open and honest in all our dealings and maintaining the highest integrity at all times. All concerns are aired constructively with solutions offered. Each person is as skilled in some way as another and is entitled to express their views without interruption.

  • Customer Services

    We enjoy their custom and so they deserve our service -timely, responsive, pro-active, meeting their needs and aiming to delight.At every meeting with our customers we ask them what we could have done better, and then implement their suggestions before we meet them again.

  • Professionalism

    At all times we act with integrity, providing quality service, being reliable and responsible. We do not upset one another intentionally, always endeavoring to present negative feedback constructively.

  • Commitment

    Working with urgency and commitment to be successful from individual and company perspectives. Timeframes are always met unless urgent circumstances mean we have to renegotiate new timeframes with all parties.

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Our Offices & Contacts

  • Johannesburg - South Africa

    Gold Rich & Edith Cavel,
    Maxwilton No. 21 Hillbrow,
    Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Kenya Offices

    Delina General Enterprises (K) LTD
    East & Central Africa Transporters
    Pioneer House, 4th Floor, Moi Avenue,
    P.O.Box 24930- 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
    Tel: +254 20 230 7015,
    Fax: +254 20 222 1252
    Email: delinak@delinagroup.com.

  • Headquarters

    7th Floor, Delina Plaza, Plot No 19 Block A,
    Karibu Street,Sinza Mori, P.O.BOX 16351.
    Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
    Tel: +255 22 270 0670
    Email: info@delinagroup.com.

  • Zambia Offices

    Plot 31 manda hill road
    Olympia Park Lusaka

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