Burka Garden City

Burka Garden City

BURKA GARDEN CITY will be on 50 acres along the highway A104 from Arusha to the capital Dodoma
and to western Tanzania and the country’s main tourist circuit and northwards to Namanga and
Kenya. The Burka Estate of Arusha is dominated with open spaces, houses on 1-5 acres plots and
large undeveloped land. The developments so far has been dominated by upmarket residential
estates and commercial activities, notable are St. Constantine’s International School, Arusha Coffee Lodge and other tourist accommodations and the adjoining Arusha Airport.

The city is encroaching on the estate’s eastern and southern boundary and will as the Google
satellite image above illustrates and Burka Estate will be the obvious next expansion option. The
proposed Burka Garden City is right at the centre of the estate off the A104 that also connects to
A23 eastward to Moshi and Dar es Salaam. It is also right off the new ring road south of the city
connecting up to Kilimanjaro International and A23 as well.

Arusha is Tanzania’s 3rd largest city and one of the fastest growing. The BURKA GARDEN CITY is
ideally placed for catering for the expansion in the tourism and commercial sector and for the
increasing demand of houses. The Burka Estate has some projects where houses are constructed
on ½ to 1 acre.

Features and Facilities

  • Nursery School and Kindergarten
  • 4 star Hotel
  • Clubhouse
  • Mall
  • Commercial zone
  • Apartments
  • Access to A104

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