Delina General Entreprises

DELINA GENERAL ENTERPRISES LTD is one of the top experienced Heavy Duty Transportation Companies. Our area of expertise is across the whole of East and Central Africa. This is because of the good indigenous knowledge of the Area and our strong interaction with the local societies. We transit within Tanzania and the whole region of East & Central Africa from Nairobi, Kenya, Johannesburg, South Africa, Harare, Zimbabwe, Kigali, Rwanda, Bujumbura, Burundi, Lusaka, Zambia, Kampala, Uganda and Lubumbashi, DRC.

We have a fleet of over 200 Heavy Duty Trucks and Trailers ready on demand. Our specialization in Goods transportation includes variety of goods from different classes such as:

  • Loose cargo
  • Sealed cargo
  • Containers plus many other
  • Heavy duty goods
  • Highly sensitive (handle with care)
  • Goods & other ordinary goods

We also have different pick up trailers ranging from 20 feet’ container trailers to 40 feet’ container trailers.